CEO and Founder at Gettabox.

Alexander is a Strategy & Operations expert who focuses mostly on startups, innovations and new businesses acquisition. He is also an entrepreneur, financial adviser, loves advanced Excel modelling, and is particularly good at early stage business development. His passion is design thinking and go-to-market strategies for disruptive innovations. With his meticulous attention to the issues of capital raising and venture investments, he always brings much value to young companies. Alexander is an innovator, creator, business developer, banker, but after all he is a proud husband and father. *** Alexander is an EU citizen with Russian roots. He has spent a good deal of time embracing the world of globalisation. Starting as an in-house consultant, Alexander went all the way from engineering to performance management, corporate strategy, operations, investments and innovations. His work experience includes not only the multiple industries but also different countries such as Australia, Austria, New Zealand, Russia, Spain and Turkey. After many years of international training and business development, Alexander has found his true calling in strategy, innovations and business development.

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