Entrepreneurial and dynamic senior executive with over 10 years of cross-functional industry experience: Microfluidic, Healthcare, Biotechnology, IT and Agriculture, holding an excellent blend of Science and business skills. I have extensive experience in different management positions. My expertise covers the full scope of the business based on Biotechnology: Regulation and Science Policy; Corporate Finance and Fundraising; R & D strategies; Sales and Marketing strategy; Licensing, Alliances and Merge; Intellectual Property Protection and Technology Transfer. With over 5 years in product development and customer insights at both the Science and marketing level. I have experience launching new business start-ups within Universities and Research Institution, result-oriented management track record, working experience with Researchers, Founders, CEOs in both the public and private sector, developing go-to-market strategies, strategic partnering and acquisition, and new market entries.

I hold a MSc in Biology from the University of Granada, Fellowship in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at the University of Navarra, Master degree in Biotechnology focused on Business from ALITER International Business School and International Business Programme from EOI. Moreover, I lived, studied and worked around 2 years in USA, where I got a multicultural experience that allowed me to open my mind to different cultures, mindsets and life visions.

Business Manager
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