I have worked more than 20 years in technology and business. I specialize in ICT technology (software, telecommunications and electronics) applied to sectors such as health, fintech, biotech, security, food industry, automation, energy and water management, retail, ecommerce, mobility and tourism. My interest is to provide advice to colleagues and clients about new technology-based services, technology development, product development and marketing, innovative business models, new market opportunities enabled by technological innovation, strategies for rapid growth of technology businesses, market penetration strategies, funding opportunities within Horizon 2020 and investors fundraising. After a long career, I finally work on what I like. I help technology-based businesses to become successful. It is a difficult job but very rewarding. I provide advice on: – Business strategy: growth strategy, IP management, business development, technology licensing. – Fundraising: author business plans, coaching, financial plans. – Horizon 2020: innovation roadmap, research partnerships, proposal writing, project coordination and execution. – Marketing Plan: competitive analysis, go to market, product positioning, channel strategy.

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