CEO of Worldsensing and Serial Entrepreneur he has strong experience in all stages of company start-up and development. Ignasi has over 10 years of experience in the IT sector. He holds a PhD in Physics where he has authored numerous high impact publications. Ignasi has strong experience in all stages of company development and growth. He also has a strong background in fund-raising, strategy and business growth projects, and he has received business training from Harvard and IESE to lead Worldsensing strategy. In August 2014, Ignasi was presented as the first high-impact Spanish Endeavor Entrepreneur by the prestigious global non-profit organisation Endeavor, dedicated to selecting and accelerating high impact entrepreneurs. In 2016, Ignasi has been named as one of the top 100 Leaders of Tomorrow by the Choiseul foundation. Under his leadership, Worldsensing has grown within a few years into a cutting-edge hard, middle and software company offering complete end-to-end technology and service solutions, which are facilitated by sensors with reliable local wireless and global Internet connectivity. He has focused Worldsensing onto some key emerging markets, notably the smart city and industrial markets.

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