Entrepreneur en Silicon Valley, Dubai y España.

I am a graduate from Santa Clara University, Silicon Valley, California, where I completed my Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees, both in Computer Engineering.
After completing a robotics project for NASA, I returned to Spain and worked for a couple of years in the Sales Business for Ricoh.
Right after, I went to work for Ericsson Spain in the Telecom Business for over 6 years, specializing in the Charging and Revenue Management areas, first as a Supply, Support and Integration engineer and later as a Project Manager and Recovery Leader, leading projects in all of EMEA for customers like Orange, MTN and Vodafone amongst others.
Along the way I started a Telecom business, obtained an Executive MBA degree from the EOI in Madrid and became a Sales Associate for Tesla Spain.
Thereafter growing into Consultancy in the Telecom Business with Neoris, providing Management and Strategic Consultancy for companies such as DU Telecom in Dubai, UAE and Batelco in Bahrain.
Finally became CEO of Suanfarma Middle East in the Pharmaceutical industry, where I managed to secure business and setup a strategic office for the GCC and MENA region.
I am now an entrepreneur and investor, CEO of Human Forecast, a Big Data company focused on Sentiment Analysis consultancy.

My objective is to succeed in top executive management, consulting, especially in companies highly specialized in the Technology or Healthcare industry. I am a result driven professional, decisive, loyal, visionary, team worker, work well under pressure, and I also have great interpersonal, negotiation and communication skills coming from a diverse cultural background.

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