For 15 years I’m working on sales departments. Always on IT sector with a main goal: understand the customers needs and help them. Experienced Services and Solutions Sales Manager in Cloud markets, IT services, Telecom and consulting for Enterprises. I have always worked with key accounts, talking with the CEO and CTO/CIO. My main goal is to create partner ecosystem and I have a lot of experience doing this. Always very close of all competitors, manufacturers, learning and analyzing all solutions of cloud. High knowledge of market. I have participated on a lot of events and roundtables of Cloud. I have a big experience and knowledge on cloud market (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), Intener of things, and BigData. I have an important technical knowledge, working on presales department,R&D, and I can talk and understand all needs of our customers. Main skills: • Experience with working in a multi-cultural organization • Business and customer relationship management background in a technical services • Strong communication skills and a background in technology and Cloud solutions. • Team management and project coordination • Sales experience in software/hardware/services • Consistent quota achiever. Work for results. • Extremely self-motivated, thorough, highly organized having a complete understanding of the selling process.
 • Proven track record of success that includes prospecting, qualifying, identifying the customer’s needs, and closing.
 Knowledge: Cloud computing (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), digital transformation, managed services, big data, Hybrid cloud, cloud brokers, virtualization, hosting, eCommerce, online marketing, outsourcing, consolidation, communications, disaster recovery, etc.

Sales Director
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