Marieta Del Rivero has 25-year of leadership experience in Technology, Mobility, Consumer and Digital industries. She has performed across the value chain: Retailer, Telecom Operator and SW and HW Manufacturers giving her a 360º view of the industry. She has consistently improved operating performance and increased shareholder value at Nefitel (Tech retailer), Amena (Orange FT), Nokia and Telefonica while leading business ranging from €1.7 billion to €6.5 billion and diverse teams across Europe and Latin America. Marieta is inspired through discovering how to transform businesses combining digital and customer experience and leading multicultural teams across industries.She earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Autonoma University of Madrid. She is AMP by IESE Business School. She was recognized as one of the Spain’s most influential leaders in 2014 and is member of the board of IWF, Women Corporate Director, and of the Spanish Institute of Advisors. She is an active speaker in well-known forums and institutions, as well as a mentor sharing her leadership lessons

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