Director General de Empresa de servicios tecnológicos y digitales de 100 personas creciendo mas de 50%. Director general de partners de Microsoft para Emea. Director general de Servicios en Microsoft España. Global lead de la practica de Microsoft en Unisys. Managing Partner de K-consulting en España (ex KPMG consulting). Basicamente desde 1992 en tecnologia. Hablo 4 idiomas a casi nivel nativo. Highly motivated, visionary leader with strong strategic thinking skills and ability to distil simplicity from complex environments to help lead people to achieve strategic goals. I like building highly effective organizations to tackle the most difficult problems.General Management, Sales, Services, Consulting and Customer Success leader. Over 20 years’ experience in the IT industry with world leading major software, hardware and services companies. Extensive international experience working across Europe, Middle East and Africa from 2001-2015. Proven track record of achieving results in an international and cross-cultural environment in both the commercial and public sectors. Experience in implementing digital transformation projects at large Systems Integrators and Service Providers. Implemented 100% SaaS projects as early as 2003. Briggs Myers INTP personality type (Introvert(19%) iNtuitive(34%) Thinking(41%) Perceiving(3%)). Led services ranging from Business Consulting, IT Strategy, Outsourcing, SI to Infrastructure implementations. Strong background in P&L management. Skilled at managing in multi-cultural and multi country environments. Leader and manager of change with experience in re-engineering, redesign and implementation of change. Able to define business strategy, related sales, marketing and services plans and to create the structure, processes and tools for their implementation. Succeeded in programmatic market development, direct and indirect sales. Effective negotiation abilities honed in complex situations like acquisitions, large projects, troubled projects and JV´s.

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