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I have been involved in online and offline advertising since 1996, mobile marketing as of 2001 and the start-up scene (independent of myself as a founder) as of 2014. I currently spend most of my time as a Business Angel helping companies grow online, such as: * The Mobile Life, a Swedish mobile app developer *, an audiovisual marketing consultancy * i2Factory/Guarana Connecting Solutions, an iPaaS provider. * Agilia, a software factory * Open Webinars, an online system for personalised IT training * The Global Password, an online translation and on-the-fly interpreter service. Additionally, together with my partner in Crazy4Media Online, I have invested in, and mentored, a number of digital marketing start ups: * Checkealos, a low cost usability (UX) solutions provider. * Fheel, a word-of-mouth advertising platform for You Tubers * Ask Vicente, an IM/AI based information service for restaurant recommendations I have also been involved in a few non core investments such as: * Varilla Solar, a solar panel distributor (now defunct) * Pallevar, an online food delivery aggregation service. * El Oso Polar, a dry cleaning chain * MEB, a museum

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