My ambition is to drive progress and high impact on results coming from R&D projects, so that I enjoyed an environment of continuous learning, challenging experiences, and enriching career opportunities. I build my high scientific and technical expertise during my PhD, which lasted 8 years, in different branches applied to cyanobacteria (Environmental Toxicology; Analytical Chemistry; Microbiology; Plant Physiology; Genetics and Molecular Biology among others) as shown in my high impact publications (getting more than 400 citations). Being an expert on cyanobacteria, I get involved in various cutting edge R&D projects, first as Chief Laboratory Officer (CLO) then as Drug Discovery and Development Manager (CSO), in Valoralia ImasD, where my proactive attitude and background expertise, led me to another scientific frames being the principal manager of: Mineral Biodiesel Production, Metagenomics and Drug Discovery, especially focused to anti-tumoral and anti-infective (antibiotics, antifungal, antiviral…) screening program. Following my dream of bringing impact and push technological results to reliable market, in 2015, I started my journey as External Scientific Consultant for a biotech seed capital investments (CANAAN R&I). Over 12 months, I revised and analyzed the maturity and reliability of more than 30 technologies (Health, PoC & Medical Device), so to assess business opportunity and risk investment. I “translated” researcher’s scientific reports and technology transfer offers to “common language”, so to facilitate the Canaan Board decision making. Being aware of the opportunities to come from open innovation, I founded Excellenting: Innovation to Market, as a technology scouting and open innovation consultancy firm based on a technology platform and active partnering recommendation. Besides my professional career, I speak 4 languages (Spanish; French; Arabic and English), I’m a socially active person, I participated in different youth associations as a simple volunteer to president and where I could develop many of my soft skills such as active listening, conflict management and emotional intelligence…

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