• Visibility. AMCES operates as a non-commercial association that provides mentors viewing platform independent experience and credibility. Members registered as Mentor in AMCES, after exposing their professional experience, their areas of expertise and objectives, and be supported by the Association, are incorporated into the base registered online to receive contacts by entrepreneurs who want to incorporate a Mentor her project.
  • Information. Mentors network registered never receive unwanted publicity by AMCES. Instead itself that distributes selected information about opportunities to participate in projects, training programs and international exchanges.
  • Training and experience. The Association emphasizes the professionalisation of mentoring through the continuous training of its registered members. Members themselves more experienced with academic specialists internationally impart short training programs on topics such as the differences between the mentor, coach, consultant and advisor, individual methods of mentoring, the role of mentor in obtaining financing , etc.
  • Corporate representation. The Association supports the cause of awareness and representation of mentoring activity in Spain accrediting professionals and experts who operate within a framework of conduct to protect its activity in a flooded scenario unskilled providers purely commercial services.