mentor startup

The Mentor offers the individual or larger group judgment to make decisions and solve challenges or corporate or management team problems.

Mentor tool is the strategy and pitch the medium and long term, for example:

  • Define a strategy to double the turnover, growth or quality.
  • Write a business plan or activities in the medium and long term, focusing on the vision and objectives, with key indicators and milestones along the way.
  • Standardize procedures and processes, with the commitment of the organization to ensure consistency of production, sales or sustainability.
  • Ensure that at least 80% of human resources of the company or organization have the knowledge and skills to succeed the Plan.
  • Review and enhance the digital channel. The website, SEO, networking, etc. to create a source of new resources.
  • Implement the ordinary, proper and efficient use of IT to ensure management efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Identify routine processes that are not part of the core business and enable subcontract to gain efficiency.