que es mentoring

To join the Registered Mentors Network of AMCES must fill out the form on the website of the Association and submit it online. The application must justify the Mentor has the knowledge and appropriate professional experience to mentor and each one of them decides profiles companies, target, sectors etc. This can be done by declaration or also through documents of recommendation, self-assessment, accreditation, or qualifications.

High application can also be done collectively through a collaboration agreement between AMCES and the Entity (incubator, accelerator, training center, etc.) which collaborates regularly the Mentor.

All applications are processed to verify their information. The admission notice automatically includes the information received in the Registered Mentors Network of AMCES.

Admission and registration to the Network of AMCES is free for the first year. Registered Members subsequently paid an annual fee of continuity, which approves the Board of Directors, to compensate expenses of marketing, promotion and maintenance of the web platform. However, payment of the fee does not ensure continuity in the Network of AMCES, which is based solely on the exercise of the function of mentoring.