Mentor Council

AMCES applies himself the philosophy of promoting Mentoring in all initiatives and projects, both individually and corporately.

The mission of Mentor Council is mentor AMCES, as organization, in all subjects, give advice and guidance to design the best strategy for qualitative and sustainable growth.

The Mentor Council of AMCES is composed by people of proven track record and reputed activity entrepreneur-investor in the world. People who have stood out as pioneers in their activities as entrepreneurs or investors, in some cases on both playgrounds, and during a long journey.

María José Bayo
María José BayoFund. Aud. Andalucía y RTVA
Carlos Blanco
Carlos BlancoConector Startup
Rodolfo Carpintier
Rodolfo CarpintierGrupo DAD
Elena Gómez
Elena GómezBebedeparis y Womenalia
Antonio Gez. Barros
Antonio Gez. BarrosGrupo Intercom
Carlos Grau
Carlos GrauGrupo Barrabés
Sergio López
Sergio LópezHiberus Tecnologías
Emilio Márquez
Emilio MárquezGoogle Actívate
Joan Parra
Joan ParraLeitat Tech. Center
Antonio P. Portabella
Antonio P. PortabellaFund. Catalunya Asia
Juan Roure
Juan RoureIESE
Assumpta Serna
Assumpta SernaFundación First Team