Companies, all kinds of Institutions and Governments are part of society and therefore have a social responsibility to support tangibly entrepreneurial talent capable of generating new business or social initiatives (Corporate Mentoring).

AMCES Mentoring promotes activity in collaboration with the main stakeholders in the world of entrepreneurship, in Spain and worldwide.

For this formalizes partnerships with educational institutions, business schools, incubators, accelerators, chambers of commerce, business organizations and trade unions, professional associations, social economy organizations, public administrations, foundations, etc., both nationally and worlwide.

Those companies, organizations, agencies or administrations interested in collaborating with AMCES in its aims may express their interest directly to the President of the Association (

Our international Mentors Associations of reference:

Really good to hear from you and congratulations on AMCES. We would very much like to build a relationship with you.
Kerrie Dorman, Founder. Association of Business Mentors. UK.
Welcome to our world! Keep up the great work you are doing.
Simon Fordham, Director of the Association of Business Mentors. UK.
It would be interesting to be in contact. And it would be good to exchange notes about our respective operations.
Mike Jennings, Creator of Oxford Business Mentors. UK.
We are looking forward to a conversation about how we can work together to leverage MicroMentor for your organization.
The Director of MicroMentor, Mexico.