amces mentor

AMCES is a private association that promotes Mentoring activity and provides, to registered members of their community, valuable information and contacts with the entrepreneurial world to facilitate their relationship and activity.

AMCES not provide services to Mentors. AMCES not provide services to Entrepreneurs. AMCES is not involved in the negotiations or in controlling their activities.


AMCES is an independent non-profit association that promotes the activity of Mentoring using international standards based on best practices and manages an accredited network of Mentors collaborating with spanish entrepreneurs to promote the development of talent and innovation in the creation and growth of business projects and organizations of the Social Economy.


AMCES build a Mentors community sharing a common operating framework of rules based on best international practices and gives them visibility, on equal terms, to entrepreneurs who want to incorporate a Mentor with guarantees.


AMCES has as immediate objectives to promote the activity of Mentoring in Spain, both in the field of business and in the social economy, within a framework of homologable conduct at international level and promote an organized meeting place Mentors gathering experience (which they are or have been entrepreneurs, managers or consultants) and innovative talent and initiatives of entrepreneurs.

  • Identify and promote mentoring and collaboration of experts with entrepreneurs business or social economy.
  • Create a digital community to identification, contact and meeting.
  • Inspire good practices, protocols and a code of conduct in accordance with international standards of excellence.
  • Facilitate their relationship to national and international level the group of Mentors.